The 4 Types of Parenting Styles

It is always a joy when you become a parent, to some, it’s a great milestone. However, being a parent is like starting school all over from kindergarten. And, everyone has an opinion on how a child must be raised. And they implement the same with their children. It turns out parents have a common way of parenting thus researchers came up with the following four parenting styles:

  1. Authoritative parenting

Some believe this is the most beneficial parenting style for children. The parents are more involved with the child. They believe in dialogue “Let’s talk about it”.

Characteristics of Authoritative parents:

  • Set clear standards.
  • They are flexible.
  • Assertive.
  • Democratic.
  • A lot of Nurturing to their children.
  • Have high expectations but are clearly explained to the child.
  1. Authoritarian Parenting

For this type of parenting style, the parents have the “Because I said so” policy.

Characteristics of Authoritarian parents:

  • Lean more on discipline “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.
  • Have high expectations with narrow flexibility.
  • Less nurturing to the child.
  • One-way communication: What I say stands.
  • Autocratic; dismisses a child’s opinion or thought.
  1. Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents allow their children to have their way. They hardly enforce any rule on them. “You are the boss”.

Characteristics of permissive parents:

  • Nurturing and warm to the child.
  • Less expectation.
  • Avoid confrontation.
  • Lenient: hardly punish the child.
  • Open communication, however, it’s more like the child has the final verdict.
  1. Uninvolved parenting

They have the “You’re on your own” mindset where they allow too much freedom to the child. Some will have conflicting priorities, for example, career and parenting where they often choose the career.

Characteristics of Uninvolved parents:

  • Have little time for their children.
  • Absent.
  • Limited communication.
  • Little nurturing is involved.
  • They are passive.
  • They come off as neglectful.

In conclusion, research has it that children raised by authoritative parents, tend to have a better and positive outcome later in life. Besides, the authoritative style equips them to face real-world challenges. Happy parenting to you all.

By: Dennis Njoroge

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