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Virtual Services

E-Psychiatric Consultation

Our clients will be able to access consultation services with our psychiatrists virtually, either within the facility or remotely. This is to ensure that this service is available despite COVID-19 restrictions, geographical barriers, and also allows one to conveniently carry on with their sessions amid tight schedules.


Our group of psychiatric facilities have been in operation since 1997. We provide quality in and out patient services to individuals from all walks of life.

With careful assessment of the patient’s state and the likelihood of efficiency, this service allows for psychotherapy sessions to be carried on virtually and under necessary ethical considerations. This allows the consistency and continuation of therapy, despite geographical and public health limitations.

Virtual Mental Health Talks

Our Psychologists will work together with you to come up with a topic based on the needs of your organization, which they will prepare on and, deliver a virtual talk remotely using the
various reliable video conferencing platforms.

Further assessments can help curate mental wellness packages for your organization. See Wellness tab.

Digital Relations

Public Engagement
Our digital relations team, working together with other departments, organizes virtual events in partnership with other external organizations. These events purpose to create awareness on different matters, create safe spaces and, offer access through connecting the public with various mental health organizations, focusing on different specialties.