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Booking a Psychotherapy and counselling session

It May Be Time To Book That Therapy Session

It May Be Time To Book That Therapy Session. Seeking therapy, has unfortunately, been the subject of ridicule and jest for a long time. Pursuing professional counseling for mental health concerns has unfortunately been stigmatized and labeled as something that “only those with mental disorders need.” This may be attributed…
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Anxiety Disorders And Its Risk Factors.

 ANXIETY DISORDERS AND ITS RISK FACTORS Anxiety disorders classified in the DSM V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual- fifth edition) constitutes of a range of disorders that are majorly characterized with excessive fear that has an impact of how an individual functions within their environment. Some of these disorders includes; Generalized Anxiety…
mental health & politics

Mental Health & Politics

MENTAL HEALTH AND POLITICS. The 2020 findings show that about 40% of American adults feel significant stress thanks to politics. And between 50 and 85 million Americans believe politics are to blame for increased fatigue, anger, compulsive behavior and loss of temper. In Kenya 2022 is a year of politics…