Stress is a mental reaction to our body experiences due to the demanding circumstance or
event that requires immediate action and attention. This reaction initiates our nervous system
to produce adrenaline and cortisol hormone and release it in our blood system; gradually, it
suppresses the functions of our immune, digestive and reproductive system. That is why it
becomes essential to handle our stress level effectively to keep ourselves physically and
mentally fit.
Stress management is a process that helps an individual to control stress level by practicing
self-care, relaxation and also imparts some techniques to handle stress when it occurs. It is a
set of techniques and programs intended to help people to deal more effectively with stress in
their lives by analysing the specific stressors and taking positive actions to minimize their
Effects of Stress
We always consider stress as a negative impression on our mind. But a certain amount of
tension is helpful for triggering a stimulus to overcome the challenging situation. A certain
amount of positive stress, which is known as eustress, is vital to enhance our positive energy.
On the other hand, the negative stress, which we call distress, is responsible for all kinds of
physical, mental, behavioral problem.
Importance of stress management
If we start to live with a high level of stress, it impacts on our mental equilibrium as well as
physical health.A high amount of stress hampers our productivity level.
The ultimate purpose of our life is to enjoy a balanced life with timely work, healthy
relationships, relaxation, and fun. That is why effective stress management is essential to
handle our stress level efficiently when it occurs, that we can think clearly, perform our
professional role productively and relish healthy life.
Various techniques to manage stress
In the process of stress management, it is our skill to find the source from where the stress
begins; in order to prevent the stress from occurring at the outset, we should follow some
strategies of stress management which vary from person to person based on the individual’s

stressors. There are various stress management techniques that can implement to handle the
stress effectively.
Some useful stress management techniques include:
1. Time Management: Time limitations can elicit stress in people’s lives. Work
schedules sometimes become overloaded, which causes some individuals to feel
overwhelmed. In order to manage this kind of situation, one can make a plan of
priorities to do the work accordingly. This will help to reduce the stress and even a
manageable schedule which can complete within the time frame.
2. Self-limitations: Knowing your own limitation and performing your work
accordingly helps to alleviate the unnecessary stress. Creating your own boundaries is
essential for healthy, stress-free living. Boundaries mean we create some internal
rules for ourselves to take care of our well-being. Sometimes it is good not to involve
in any kind of racing thoughts which may also aggravate stress. It is suggestible to
deviate your mind from that kind of thought and involve yourself with some activities
which give relaxation and refreshment to your mind.
3. Friendly social network: Sometimes, a supportive network of friends and relatives
help to face the challenging situation with stability and less stress. Their encouraging
words and listening ears become supportive.
4. Reduce the noise: You may try to distract yourself from all kinds of technologically
advanced gadget and manage some time to stay in quiet. You can notice that those
things which you consider most important for day to day life are very trivial.
5. Healthy Diet: A healthy balanced diet gives fuel to the body and mind function; it
helps us to cope up with any stressful situation. Reducing the consumption of alcohol,
caffeine, and sugar is a proven way of decreasing stress or anxiety. If our body gets
proper nutrients, stress can likely occur in our everyday life.
6. Exercise: Maintaining a consistent routine exercise is a sign of following a healthy
lifestyle. Exercise helps our body to reduce tensions and relax muscles.
7. Meditation: Use the techniques of deep breathing, breathing exercise, yoga, and
yogic sleep, meditation to control our physical and mental being. Meditation helps to
calm down our body and mind to awaken our inner power.

8. Sleep habit: Adequate sleep is necessary to rejuvenate ourselves. It is helpful to boost
our immune power and also increases mental alertness, memory, and concentration.
Actually, stress comes about because our mind is everywhere, either regretting the past or
glorifying the future. That is why we should develop certain stress management skill to cope
up with stress in our daily activities and be able to adore healthy life.


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