Recovery in Dignity

Culinary Services

The best way to a person’s heart is through great food! At Chiromo Hospital Group our Culinary Chef and his Services team work hard to provide both a delicious and appealing menu to our patients! Each menu item is prepared from scratch with the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. Emphasis is placed on healthy and appealing choices for everyone.


Inpatient treatment encourages patients to focus on their treatment and recovery by removing outside distractions and fully immerses them in the process of getting well. Our inpatient facilities provides an environment where patients who are admitted to the hospital can receive increasingly challenging therapy, with a goal towards a safe and effective return home and into the community.

Outdoor Spaces

There is something special about connecting with the outdoors. Humans have a deep, ingrained appreciation of nature. Think of the last time you spent some time just appreciating the outdoors: taking in the fresh air, feeling the sun warming your face, hearing the ripples of a nearby stream. It brings a sense of peace that you can rarely find anywhere else. We know how powerful the outdoors can be for creating true transformation for our patients.


Entertainment at Chiromo Hospital Group, in the forms of movies comedy sport and music, is not really the sort of things you’d expect to be enjoying at a mental health hospital. Wrong! Chiromo Hospital Group is not a boot camp. It is not punishment, karma or penance for past misdeeds. We have daily scheduled entertainment that are aimed at helping the patients into a new fuller phase of life. Whilst the treatment program is quite intense and challenging, and will keep you very busy, and whilst the light exercise facilities are varied, do not think there will be no time to enjoy some relaxing downtime.