Natural ways to boost production of serotonin


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Serotonin which has been nicknamed the ‘happy’ hormone, sends signals between our nerve cells. It is considered a natural mood stabilizer. Normal levels of serotonin help us feel calmer, more focused and happier. It also regulates stress and helps us sleep better.
There are quite a number of ways one can boost their serotonin production but nothing beat a good old natural remedy and I have some just for you.



Dancing is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Wake up and put on those dancing shoes.

2. Walking in nature.

walk in nature
Walking in nature

From the sounds of birds chirping in the air to the rushing of waterfalls, an a hour or two definitely does the trick.

3. Writing a gratitude list.

writingSavoring moments in our day, it could be from the scent that hits us every morning as we make our cup of coffee or the gentle sound of laughter that comes from our loved ones.

4. Listening to music.

listening to music
listening to music

Our choice of music can definitely speak volumes to our souls and turn a bad day into good. I would recommend a good old Jordan sparks but then again, it might be something else all together that does the trick for you.

5. Eating

vitamin b complex foods
vitamin b complex foods

Eating complex carbohydrates, vitamin B-complex foods and taking vitamin D supplements

6. Getting a massage and or meditation


7. Going for a run or taking a swim

running & jogging
running & jogging

8. Cycling or getting some sun exposure, don’t forget that sunscreen for that sunbath.


It is important that one gets effective doses of the nutrients that support sleep, anxiety and stress reduction, boost immunity and other areas of one’s life.

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By Faith Ogega

Hospital Psychologist

Chiromo Hospital Group

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