My Safe Haven

Since been diagnosed with ADHD and Hypormania a form of Bipolar, Bustani has been my safe heaven it is my second home, my home away from home that allows me to be me without fear of been the odd one out.

In Bustani I fit in. This is because for me I feel people with various forms of mental illness or disorders share a common bond which is we view life from distinctly different sets of glasses from the majority of the society, and sometimes as we go about our daily lives trying to integrate best we can, one can be left feeling drained from been the odd ball; until you arrive at your second home where all over sudden you are part of a dynamic bunch of people with whom you have one fundamental aspect in common. Which is your various conditions that set you apart from the “Normal Bunch”.

I have come to realize that my condition is both my blessing and curse. But in the end all I appreciate that I am whom I am partly because of my condition. I have learned to love whom I am and therefore managing my condition is no longer a chore it is just what I do for the privilege of been the best of me as God intended

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