Communication; some of the dysfunctional communication skills individuals practice.


Communication; some of the dysfunctional communication skills individuals practice.

communicating & discussing
Communicating & discussing

We all hear every day, how communication is the most important aspect of any healthy relationship, be it a romantic or familial relationship or friendships

However, its important to note that how we communicate is what really matter, it could either work for or against us.

Experiences, upbringing and our family dynamics plays a huge role in  our communication styles.

Here are some of the dysfunctional communication skills individuals commonly practice:

conflict while communicating at work
Conflict while communicating at work

Which really manifests in our relationships during conflict or when our needs have not been met.

  • Projecting this involves unconsciously taking emotions and traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else.
  • Score keeping avoiding to address the current issue by bringing up the past to “ one up” the other.
  • Silent treatment involves withdrawing or shutting down in times of conflict to either show anger or avoid conflict
  • Name calling/ Shaming this involves throwing insults at each other and missing out on solving the problem at hand.
  • Gaslighting this is a form of psychological manipulation, where an individual makes the other doubt their own reality, memory or emotions.

 Here are a few tips on how to improve our communication skills:

  • Be aware and acknowledge how you normally communicate on a daily basis; this will help us recognize the dysfunctional communication skills we have adopted over the years.
  • Make an intentional effort to learn and practice healthier ways of communicating, especially during conflict.
  • Seek professional assistance to be able to unlearn the unhealthy and adopt new healthier communication skills.
zakia hassan
By Zakia Hassan

Hospital Psychologist

Chiromo Hospital Group


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