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The leading private psychiatric service provider in Sub Sahara Africa

Our group of psychiatric facilities have been in operation since 1997. We provide quality in and out patient services to individuals from all walks of life.

Our Vision

To provide dignified, quality mental healthcare in Africa.

Our Mission

To purse excellence in the delivery of mental health services by adhering to evidence-based practices.

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Reliability 

Our Corporate Tagline

Recovery in dignity.

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Chiromo Hospital Group

Our company has spent many years to get there today.
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Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1997, Chiromo Mental Health Hospital is situated along Chiromo Lane/Muthithi Road junction in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. The in and out patient facility was built with a bed capacity of 20 and designed to cater for all types of acute psychiatric disorders in a safe, secure and dignified environment.

Early Years

In 2001, the annex branch Bustani was established, in a serene area situated in Lavington Nairobi, Kenya. The facility has a bed capacity of 7 and is specialised to cater for the treatment of adolescent disorders and ADHD.


In 2017, the Bustani Branch was relocated to a bigger and better locality situated in Braeside Gardens on Muthangari Road, Nairobi. The 30-bed capacity in and out patient wellness centre caters for all types of psychiatric disorders with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals.

The Present

The CLMC Group are reputable purpose-built psychiatric in and out patient facilities. The facilities are run by a team of long serving, professional and dedicated individuals. We also host annual symposiums that focus on the different aspects of mental health in an effort to encourage a better understanding of this area.

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Popular Question

We have answers to common questions people ask

Treatment depends on the type of mental health concern that you have, its severity and what works best for you. In many cases, a combination of treatments works best.

Anyone struggling with thoughts, feelings or behaviors and anyone living with a mental health concern, whether short or long term.

Each mental health condition has its own set of signs and symptoms. In general, however, professional help may be warranted if you or a loved one experiences:

  • Marked change in personality, eating or sleeping patterns.
  • Inability to cope with problems or daily activities.
  • Strange or extreme ideas.
  • Excessive anxiety.
  • Prolonged depression or loss of interest or enjoyment.
  • Thinking or talking about suicide.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Extreme mood swings or excessive anger, hostility or violent behavior.

Many people who have mental health conditions consider their signs and symptoms a normal part of life or avoid treatment out of shame or fear. If you're concerned about your mental health or a loved one's mental health, don't hesitate to seek advice.

You can decide who you want to bring with you for support.

You can call the Chiromo Mental Health Hospital (CMHH) Access Line at 0800 220 000. We accepts many forms of insurance however; you may want to check with your insurance company regarding coverage for behavioral health services.

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Our Corporate Partners

We believe that corporate-charity partnerships can help positively influence us to achieve greater social good and change the world. Through our corporate partnerships, we have been able to achieve a remarkable rate of efficiency and maximize the delivery of our social programs and initiatives through innovation and scaling, to uplift lives at home and around the country.