The Awakening of the Girl From Bustani Part 2 (The Story of Jane)

Jane was always fidgety. She could never sit still, let alone sit at all. In class, she would stand up oblivious of the fact that no one else other than the teacher was standing. “I’m bored!” she’d say quite courageously, which often got her into trouble.

At home, Jane exhibited the same characteristics. She could not sit still to complete a meal. This really upset Jane’s mom. Jane would many a times find herself locked in a closet for not finishing a meal or even denied certain privileges in the house such as watching tv.In church, the same old story. You’d think she’d learn, no?

Hyperactivity is a major symptom of ADHD. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Just as it is. Hyperactivity means a person seems to move about constantly, including in situations where it is not right; or excessively fidgets, taps, or talks. In adults, it may be extreme restlessness or wearing others out with constant activity.

Jane’s parents sought medical advice from a Child Psychiatrist and came to find out that Jane had ADHD. Diagnosis of ADHD requires a comprehensive evaluation by a licensed clinician, such as a pediatrician, psychologist, or psychiatrist with ability in ADHD. Since then, after medical advice, Jane has been able to sit through all her classes at school and finish all her meals. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Creating ADHD awareness is paramount to better mental health in our country. Save a life.

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