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toxic Behaviors

Toxic behaviors and how to deal with them? 

Think of that time you are around someone you dislike being in their company, what feeling do you get when you think of them? Would you describe their character as unsupportive? Judgmental? Controlling? Self-centered? Or negative energy to be around? Imagine someone referring to you as toxic… Toxic behaviors communicate…
Mental resilience

How to build mental resilience?

No one wants a painful or difficult life. However, life is not all rainbows and butterflies. Even if we wish for everything to go our way, obstacles will always exist and we will have to deal with them. Loss of a loved one, unemployment, heartbreak, illnesses and family problems at…
A masked man staring

Anxiety Disorders And Its Risk Factors.

 ANXIETY DISORDERS AND ITS RISK FACTORS Anxiety disorders classified in the DSM V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual- fifth edition) constitutes of a range of disorders that are majorly characterized with excessive fear that has an impact of how an individual functions within their environment. Some of these disorders includes; Generalized Anxiety…