Stress and Self Validation

Stress and Self care

Stress and Self Validation
Imagine you’re holding a glass of water.

If you hold it for a moment, it’s no problem. If you hold it for an hour, you’ll have an ache in your arm. Hold it for 24 hours and your arm will feel numb and paralyzed. The burden of the glass doesn’t change but the longer you hold it, the heavier it becomes. The strain and worries of life are just like the glass of water. Give some thought to them for a while, nothing happens. Consider them a small amount longer and that they become harmful. Give some thought to all of them all day long, you’ll feel paralyzed and incapable of doing anything.
Validating our thoughts, emotions and feelings helps regulate them and provides us a more robust understanding of them. As social creatures, we seek reassurance externally and in some cases this is often great. However once we are browsing stress, if we are to give ourselves permission to validate inwards not only can we have a stronger understanding and acknowledgment of our uncomfortable sensations but we also fuel our brains with self-compassion and love of the amazing job we do day after day.
You’re strong, you’re amazing, and you got this!
How long have you ever been holding on to your stresses? Remember, mental state issues can stem from an accumulation of built up stress and worries! Is your arm aching from everything you’re trying to hold?
Validating yourself can sound like:
– That was difficult but it absolutely was the proper thing
– I’m not for everybody and that is okay
– I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the moment
– I’m trying my best and that is enough
– It’s okay that I do not want to attend this event
– I made the simplest decision I could with what I knew in that meeting moment
You really need to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength and say “I am proud of what I am and who I am.” Self talk matters and when we are struggling with our mental health our inner critic is usually turned up to maximum level.

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By Faith Ogega,Hospital Psychologist,
Chiromo Hospital Group.


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