Training and Research

Training and Research

At Chiromo Hospital Group, our mission is to pursue excellence in the delivery of mental health services by adhering to evidence-based practices and mentorship. Training and Research a novel department in the institution is intended to help the hospital achieve its projected vision. 


Chiromo Hospital Group to be the ONLY renowned LEVEL-5 Mental Health Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kenya and beyond the borders.


  1. To develop, plan, implement training programs for all departments within the organization.
  2. Internally to work with all EXCO Members to identify training needs for their departments. 
  3. Externally to partner with learning institutions and corporate organizations (Nationally & Internationally) in training and research activities, such as:
  •  Advance Diploma in Mental Health Practice (ADAMPH) through a partnership with AMREF International University.
  • • Psychological First Aid (PFA) to Pharmaccess, Karen Hospital, CHG staffs and KDF
  • • Basic Counselling Skills for Mental Health Champions
  • • Mental Health Webinars: US Embassy Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Co-operative bank, MINET Kenya).


  1. Plan and implement educational and training programs.
  2. Design MOU’s with partner organizations.
  3. Research publications.
  4. Empower & raise awareness about mental health through short and long program courses.

Training Arm

Since its inception, we have partnered with Amref International University to teach and provide a practicum site for our first course: Advanced Diploma in Applied Mental Health Practice. It is a 1-year course that is open to everyone who would like to learn more about mental health, research and advocacy.

The course is intended to start in January 2021. Currently, we are receiving applications from both internal and external applicants for the course. We already have a total of 13 students who will form the first cohort of students composed of internal and external students.

Grand Round

The department also coordinates the Grand Round, whose objective is mentorship and learning. We have had 5 successful structured sessions in which cases are presented followed by discussion from the primary Doctor after which the discussion is made open for participants to interact deeply with the presented case and ask questions.

Our current attendance rate has grown from 10 to over 65 participants. The attendance list includes Consultant Psychiatrists, CHG staff members, The Retreat Rehabilitation Centre, AMREF International University, individual guests who are passionate about mental health and Karen Hospital. The Grand Round will be open to students of the ADAMHP course, who will be expected to present cases for discussion.

We provide training in various short courses related to the field of mental health among them being.

This training is key for both organizations and staffs who are taken through a rigorous training TO equip them with basic skills that they can utilize as first responders in emergencies and also to be aware of when and where to link individuals with professional practitioners.

This training is almost similar to the above and it is key for both organizations and staffs except that in this one participants are taken through a rigorous training to equip them with skills to be trainers of PFA.

Training has been offered to Pharm Access Kenya- September 2020. We trained 22 participants for PFA T.O.T.

Oncoming trainings include:

  1. CMHH Staff- 13th November 2020 – 20 staff members
  2. The Karen Hospital staff: 18-19th November 2020 – 30 staff members
  3. KDF participants 23rd-25th November 2020 – 30 staff members

This is important for workplace Peer Counsellors and Mental Wellness Champions as it gives them basic skills to assist any colleague who may be going through a tough time and may need psychosocial support. This training will also ensure that they are well equipped to identify colleagues who may need further professional support for which they can refer appropriately.

Through partnerships with institutions and research specialists such as; KEMRI, Amref International University, Prof Lukoye Awoli, Dr. Loice Kaigwa among others. We are in the process of publishing research papers based on the data collected on work done through our social media platforms and tele-psychiatry These are but a few of the research projects and programs that are in the advance stages, which we are projecting to publish very soon.

The Academy For Mental Health Practice


The ADMHP is a uniquely designed one year practical-oriented course which will equip you with adequate skills and competences in clinical interviewing, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and intervening using evidenced-based approaches.

Admission Requirement

Candidates are required to meet the following admission requirements:

Direct Entry:

  • B.A/B.Sc Degree in Psychology or Counselling, or a related field with a minimum of Second Class Honors, Upper Division from an accredited university/institution (GPA 3.0 on a scale of 4.00).
  • B.A/B.Sc Degree in Psychology or Counselling, or a related field with a minimum of Second Class Honors, Lower Division from an accredited university/institution and with at least 2 years in applied mental health work experience, evidence of research capability either through research, paper presentation or peer reviewed publications and relevant working experience.
  • Master's degree in Counselling or Psychology or related field from an credited university.
  • Diploma in psychiatric nursing, psychology/counselling, and any other related diploma from an accredited insituion.

Indirect Entry:

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Counselling, or Psychology, or a related feild with a Pass. The candidate will be required to take 5 prerequisites units at undergraduate level, and pass with minimum grade B in each unit.
  • Any Bachelor's degree: from an accredited institution;
    Prerequisite: at least 2 years' work experience in mental health related field.

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