Digital Awareness

Digital Awareness

The digital relations department is dedicated to spreading awareness through our social media platforms & engagements with the public. We have had numerous engagements in the past nearly three years.

Digital relations has for the past three years worked to raise awareness on mental health.


#MindfulMondays is a tweet chat that runs every Monday from 10AM to 11AM on our twitter platform.

#MindfulMondays aims to demystify mental health and mental disorders.

We reach an average of 80,000 people a week. #MindfulMondays ran the national Suicide Prevention chat in Kenya on 10th of September 2019 and trended.

#MindfulMondays has been running since October 2018 and continues to run.


We entered a patnership with CapitalFM 2019 on their intiative – Bonga.

Bonga is an online anonymous platform where people are able to speak freely about their mental health struggles. CHG provides psychological assistance on the platform and reguraly refers people to the hospital.

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Mental Health & Family Walk

On the 26th of October 2019 we held the first ever family and mental health walk at Karura Forest. The aim of this was to get families talking about mental health. We feel this is especial important as we believe the family unit would be the first to notice in case a loved one’s mental health would begin to deteriorate.

The walk was held in light of World mental Health Day that is celebrated annually on on the 10th of October. Having about 150 participants, we held a 10KM walk through the forest then broke for various group sessions (Men, Women, Children, Teens, Assesments).

Mental Health Man Cave

We recognize the lack of safe spaces for men to open up. We held the ‘Mental Health Man Cave’ on the 29th where we provided a safe space for men to openly and freely discuss mental health. We open as RSVP link via EvenBrite – the 20 slots allocated were filled within 11 hours of being the portal being opened. We had a cumulate of 21 men (excluding our patients) who attended the 3-hour session. We subsequently he held 3 man Caves.

Mental Health Conference

CHG played a vital role to bring the first ever Mental Health Confrence in Kenya throuh sponsorship, being in panels, designing the posters for advertisement and being in charge of the social media strategizing to get the world out to the people. Engagements with various organisations. We partnered with various organistions in the space of mental health to collborate and combine efforts to spread mental health awareness.

This include the Josiah G. Kariuki Memorial Foundation’s Soccer tournaments and quartrly talks at the Michael Joseph Centre.


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