How To Be A Mental Health Advocate

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Who is a mental advocate, you’d ask? They are heroes- who do not wear caps and are rarely celebrated. These are people who tirelessly put themselves out there by telling their stories and lend a helping hand to those who are struggling with similar issues. Most mental health advocates take risks and share their deepest wounds and scars through their stories in hopes of encouraging someone else.

Whether it is through writing blogs, creating vlogs, tick Tok videos, Instagram posts, writing articles and books or a speaking engagement, these advocates speak for others who do not have a voice. They remind us that you shouldn’t feel alone in these struggles. They remind us that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. They also strongly speak against stigma associated with mental health. family therapy & psychoeducation

family therapy & psychoeducation

So how can you also become a Mental health advocate? You can get involved by:

  1. Educating yourself about mental health conditions, mental health issues and stigmas.
  2. Speaking up about mental health in your community.
  3. Supporting someone who is struggling with mental health issues.
  4. Going ahead to volunteer your time and help those in need.
  5. Psychoeducation, educating and correcting those who use stigmatizing language.

Together we can change the world’s view about mental health and mental health issues. Therefore, it is upon us to take that initiative to allow the change to start within ourselves and then extend it to the outside. We got this!

Hospital Psychologist

By Wendy Hawi,
Hospital Psychologist,
Chiromo Hospital Group.

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