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my stay in chiromo hospital group

My Stay in Chiromo Hospital Group

In the year 2012, I was diagnosed with a mental disorder known as bipolar mood disorder. An illness associated with mood swings ranging from depressive lows and manic highs. Living with bipolar has been like constantly fighting with my mind every single minute. A battle I can’t escape from. How…
New Year Resolution

How to make new year resolutions

Majority of us look forward to a new year. In January, there is this one thing which many of us think and act around; resolutions. There is something about vitality and New Year. We tenaciously forge into it with particular set of plans. Making a resolution is all about taking…
Substance Abuse in teenagers

Risk Factors For Substance Abuse

Drug abuse has become a major problem in Kenya today especially among the teenagers and young adults. This drug problem has cut across the social status. Both the rich and the poor have been affected by substance abuse in their teenagers. Parents have majorly assumed their children are safe whereby…
domestic violence image

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Stacy is a 30-year-old teacher married to Simon a 35-year-old Doctor. For the last 3 months, Stacy has been coming in to work with visible wounds on her body. At times she would come in with a black eye, and say that she had an eye infection. Other…
Booking a Psychotherapy and counselling session

It May Be Time To Book That Therapy Session

It May Be Time To Book That Therapy Session. Seeking therapy, has unfortunately, been the subject of ridicule and jest for a long time. Pursuing professional counseling for mental health concerns has unfortunately been stigmatized and labeled as something that “only those with mental disorders need.” This may be attributed…

Communication; some of the dysfunctional communication skills individuals practice.

Communication; some of the dysfunctional communication skills individuals practice. We all hear every day, how communication is the most important aspect of any healthy relationship, be it a romantic or familial relationship or friendships However, its important to note that how we communicate is what really matter, it could either…