ADHD & Time Part 1

time blindness

Let’s talk about time and ADHD
People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also referred to as ADHD, have a very complex but interesting relationship with time. They always tend to live in the NOW! And things that are not really needed to be done now move to the NOT NOW vortex. That urgency they have looks like that dreaded moment when a task flies out the not now window to their now.
Here they are working against the clock because a task is due the next 4 hours or the appointment is in the next 30 minutes. Deadlines, due dates and urgent reminders all trigger the rapid transition between the not now and now window. The tiny period of transition otherwise known as ‘yikes’ or for some ‘oh crap’
Some might say this urgency is the only way they get things done, it create a lot of adrenaline-boosted hyperfocus, feelings of being alive and high level productivity. ADJD’ers refer to this as ‘winging it.’ You might resonate better with this statement, “/no one is better than me when I’m under pressure, my focus is amazing.” It is a sign that over the years, they have learnt to cope with the sudden unexpected pop up of tasks through adjusting with how they respond and inevitably get good at it as they go.
But to what cost? “I am so on top of things!” Can create productivity but can also foster disappointment, “I just never learn.” It can cause harsh self judgement, “seriously, I’m such an idiot,why didn’t I plan better?” It can cause anxiety, trying to explain to the teacher or your boss why an assignment or task you had one month to work on is still not done can take a toll on your stress level.
It can lead to frustration, rebelling and getting mad at those who put those time demands on them, “you know I am overwhelmed with other things but you still asked me to do this.” The key is to learn how to minimize the time we spend in the NOW window so that we can be less reactive but more proactive and feel more in control of our lives. Stay tuned for strategies to help manage time.

faith ogega bio pic
faith ogega bio pic

by Faith Ogega
Hospital Psychologist
Chiromo Hospital Group

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